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We'll publicise your business as much as possible, and you reap the benefits!

Event planners can search our directory and filter by location, category and more to find exactly what they need. They can then contact you immediately if you match their needs.

We also have extra marketing channels for events and services in many areas, making it extremely valuable to get your event services listed with us!

If you want an even bigger boost, you can opt for our advanced marketing package, which allows you to pay to get targeted leads for a listing or an event.

Simple Joining Process

We make joining us as easy as possible with a low once-off fee to add your listing. From then, your listing will stay active and working for you at all times, editable whenever you like.

It's like a permanent advert driving sales, and customers can contact you directly. And this whole process takes less than 10 minutes!

This is the best way for event planners to learn everything your event business has to offer. Rank higher on searches and show off your event services by adding:

  • Unlimited photos and videos of your event venue/services
  • Contact details -- including website link and email address
  • A detailed description of your event venue or event services
  • Links to your social media accounts -- your Twitter feed can be brought in and displayed in your profile to keep it fresh!
  • Pricing information
  • Customer reviews & testimonials
  • Any local supplier recommendations that complement your venue/service
  • Industry awards and features

You Only Pay for Initial Set-up & for Optional Upgrades

Once you've joined and set up your paid listing, you don't ever need to pay anything more at all. You can pay to list an event if you wish, or just stick to your event service listing.

You can then add paid event listings, and it's also possible to upgrade your paid listing to a premium listing with extra benefits.

And if you do want more qualified leads in your inbox, we'll happily send them your way when you upgrade to an advanced marketing package for your listing or event.


  • Permanent Paid Event Service Listing - £35
  • 90 Day Paid Event Listing - £15
  • 1 Year Premium Event Service Listing - £100
  • 1 Year Premium Event Listing - £100
  • 1 Month Advanced Marketing Package - Event Service Listing - £1000
  • 1 Month Advanced Marketing Package - Event Listing - £1000

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Simply fill out the add listing form, including your billing details and uploaded images for promotion. We'll go through the data manually and ensure it's all correct.

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We send all new members a welcome pack, explaining what to expect, how it works, and a few ideas for best practices.

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It's that simple. The leads will come directly to you. It couldn't be easier.

How do Event Planners Find Me?

Event planners on Bookings Connected filter event venues and suppliers by budget, location, capacity, and more, so you know you're exactly what they're after. Searchers can also read our articles containing expert advice, which often points them towards relevant suppliers in their area. The more details you add in regards to your services, the higher and more frequently you’ll rank in searches.

How do Event Planners Contact Me?

People planning events can choose to contact our venues and event suppliers directly, straight to your phone or email inbox. By ensuring your contact details are up to date, you'll get qualified leads sent directly to you.

What if I'm Not Available Now?

Many of our venues and event suppliers have already secured bookings for months in advance. The beauty of our pay as you go advanced marketing package for your listing or event means that there’s no ongoing cost, and you can pick and choose the timing that works for you. With some of our busiest suppliers, they use the platform to fill in the days they don’t otherwise have bookings for, such off-peak bookings.

How Long Will it Take to Sign Up?

Creating a new account only takes a few minutes. You’ll be asked to provide some basic details about your company such as the name, address, services provided and company description, then you can add as many or as few details as you like from there. Once verified by our team, your profile will be public and you can start to respond to new bookings.

Can I Include Customer Testimonials?

We absolutely encourage you to add your favourite quotes and images from past customers to your listing, so new event planners can learn more about your services. People using this site are able to review your services on your profile too, so be sure to ask your past customers to leave a review directly, as this will help more customers to choose you.

Can I Connect to Other Suppliers?

The events industry is all about teamwork, so yes! Add your favourite suppliers to your profile so you can let event planners know who you enjoy working with, and don't forget to ask your favourite suppliers to recommend you in return.

How Much Does Bookings Connected Charge?

It’s only £35 to add a fully-featured venue or event service listing to encourage contact from event planners in your local area.

It's also possible to add paid event listings for any event you may be running yourself, and also to upgrade your paid listing to a premium listing with extra benefits.

If you wish, you can choose to pay for an advanced marketing package for your listing or event where we will promote you even further.

After the initial contact from a customer, you’re free to manage the bookings yourself and there's no commission to pay. You can also follow up with that lead directly in future years about more events they might be running, as they're now your customer for life.

What Type of Requests Will I Receive?

We receive requests from a large range of event organisers, whether it’s a bride-to-be looking for a caterer for her wedding, a kids birthday party, or a corporate event planner looking for a large venue and a team of specialist suppliers for a large function. If your services match their needs they will contact you, so you’re only getting leads for the jobs that matter to you.