Bookings Connected is all about connecting regular people with local venues and event suppliers that fit their needs. This also connects venues with the group bookings they need to stay afloat, and connects suppliers with venues and ad-hoc customers that make up most of their income.

And of course, there are already dozens of great event services directories and venue finder sites out there. This site is different in that we’re not controlling information in order to get event managers, venues or suppliers to use our paid service. Our plan is to simply make our site so incredibly useful that you’ll be missing out if you don’t give it a go.

Let’s put it another way, we want our venue finder site to be the one ad-hoc event planners find when they’re planning their company Christmas party. And we want all the information they need to be right there waiting for them to book the venue, caterer, and entertainment. All in one place, easy as anything, without them being forced to go through our staff recommendations, or being limited to only the venues and suppliers that pay to be listed. That’s pretty useful to them, right? And the more useful we can be, the better this event services and venue directory is for everyone involved.

That’s why even our unpaid listings are as useful as possible to people searching for information, and why our paid listings stay fully-featured forever. Because it’s more useful to everyone that way, and encourages more people to use the site.

Meanwhile, we focus on doing things that create even more value for information-seekers, venues, and suppliers, so we’re not just a simple venue finder directory. We do things like advertising upcoming events and reminding local event organisers to plan their team-building activities and Christmas parties in advance. We really put in the marketing work for you, and make it as easy as we can for the linchpins of offices and social groups who actually plan things to find out what’s going on.

Our motto: To be so useful that we’re everyone’s first choice for finding the best upcoming events, event suppliers and venues.

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